Exploring the Hidden Gems of The Hague: A Local’s Guide for Expats

Discover the expat activities in The Hague and see which hidden gems are waiting to be explored. Check here what the city has to offer!

Nestled along the western coast of The Netherlands, The Hague offers more than just its political prominence and international courts. This city is a place of hidden gems and expat activities waiting to be discovered by its newest residents. From serene parks to cozy cafés and unexpected cultural spots. The Hague presents a unique blend of international flair and local Dutch charm. This guide is designed to take expats beyond the well-trodden tourist paths and dive into the city’s local secrets.

Uncover The Hague’s Secret Gardens and Parks

1. The Rosarium: Tucked away within the grand Westbroekpark, the Rosarium is a rose garden of unmatched beauty. With over 20,000 roses blooming in the summer, it’s a perfect spot for a peaceful retreat or a picnic with new friends.

2. The Hofjes: The Hague’s hidden courtyards, known as ‘Hofjes,’ offer tranquil escapes right in the heart of the city. The Hofje van Wouw is a particularly charming example, with its well-preserved architecture and lush gardens.

Immerse in Local Art and Culture

3. Electriciteitsfabriek: A former power station turned into a dynamic arts venue, Electriciteitsfabriek hosts an array of contemporary art exhibitions and performances, making it a hotspot for culture enthusiasts.

4. DCR Studios: Home to a community of artists, designers, and creatives, DCR Studios is where expats can explore local art, attend workshops or even participate in open studio events.

Savor Local Flavors

5. Haagse Markt: One of the other expat activities in The Hague is the Haagse Markt. As one of Europe’s largest outdoor markets, the Haagse Markt is a culinary adventure. From fresh herring to international delicacies, expats can taste their way through Dutch and global cuisines.

6. Local Breweries: The Hague’s craft beer scene is thriving. Breweries like Kompaan Beer offer tours and tastings, providing a great way to unwind and meet locals and fellow expats alike.

Engage with The Hague’s International Community

7. International Meetups: The Hague’s expat community is vibrant and welcoming. Regular meetups, language exchanges and international clubs are fantastic avenues to build connections and feel at home.

8. Cultural Institutes: The city is home to various cultural institutes offering events that celebrate diversity. The Japan Cultural Exchange and Instituto Cervantes are just a couple of places where expats can enjoy cultural activities and language classes.

Embrace the Local Lifestyle

9. Cycling Like a Local: A real expat activity which cannot be forgotten on this list, is to embrace the Dutch way of life by exploring The Hague on a bicycle. Hidden paths like the route through the Haagse Bos to the Scheveningen beach are local favorites.

10. Shopping at Local Boutiques: Discover The Hague’s independent boutiques and shops scattered around the Zeeheldenkwartier and Prinsestraat. It’s here that expats can find unique gifts, Dutch design items and handcrafted goods.

There are many expat activities in The Hague waiting to be discovered. The city offers a world filled with opportunities to explore, learn and connect. By venturing into these less-known locales, you not only enrich your experience but also weave yourself into the fabric of this diverse city. Remember, the real beauty of becoming an expat in The Hague lies in discovering its hidden gems and making them part of your story.

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