The Best Expat Schools for Children in The Hague

Discover the best expat schools in The Hague. Learn how about the best expat schools in The Hague and how we can help you relocating.

Moving to a new country brings many challenges and decisions, and none are quite as significant as the educational choices available for your children. For expats relocating to The Hague, the city offers a variety of excellent international educational options. This blog post describes the best expat schools in The Hague, providing insights into how each caters to the unique needs of international students. Additionally, we’ll discuss how using a relocation agent can greatly simplify the process of selecting the right school. 

Top Expat Schools in The Hague
1. The British School in The Netherlands (BSN)

One of the most prestigious expat schools in The Hague, The British School offers a British-style curriculum from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to A-Levels. The British School is renowned for its high academic standards, extensive extracurricular activities and a strong support system for students and families. With nearly 90 nationalities and children aged between 3-18 years, the British School is an inspiring place for children to learn and grow into confident individuals.

2. The International School of The Hague (ISH)

ISH provides a well-rounded International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for students from primary through to secondary levels. Known for its diverse student body, ISH emphasizes inclusivity and offers a robust program of arts, sports, and community service alongside its academic offerings. The ISH values the student’s home languages. They are able to develop their mother tongue and cultural identities.

3. Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh

Catering to French-speaking expats, this school offers the French national curriculum and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. It serves children from maternelle (preschool) through lycée (high school), preparing them for the French baccalauréat.

4. American School of The Hague (ASH)

ASH offers an American curriculum and the International Baccalaureate diploma for students from elementary through high school. With a strong emphasis on college preparatory education, ASH supports students in gaining admission to prestigious universities worldwide. The school is located in Wassenaar and represents 80 different nationalities.

5. German International School The Hague

Providing a bilingual education in German and English, this school follows the German education system and offers the German International Abitur as well as the IB diploma. It’s an excellent option for German-speaking expats or those seeking a bilingual education for their children.

6. European School of The Hague

As a part of the network of European Schools, this institution offers a multilingual and multicultural education primarily to children of EU employees, but also opens its doors to private students. It provides the European Baccalaureate diploma, recognized across Europe and beyond, facilitating easy transition into higher education institutions.

Benefits of Using a Relocation Agent for School Selection
Personalized Assistance

We at Expat Relocation The Hague, are here to help you navigate the complexities of the various educational and admission processes. We understand that each family’s needs are unique and we can help you find a suitable new rental place near the new school of your children. If you need any advice which school best fits your child’s educational needs, we are also here to help you during the relocation process.

Insider Knowledge

Agents have extensive knowledge of expat schools in The Hague and can offer insights that are not readily available online. This includes feedback from other expat families, school reputation, and performance metrics.


Choosing the right school is a critical decision for expat families moving to The Hague. With a variety of high-quality expat schools in The Hague, each offering distinct curricula and enriching programs, the city is well-equipped to meet diverse educational needs. By partnering with a relocation agent from Expat Relocation The Hague, you can ensure that you find the best educational fit for your children, allowing them to thrive in their new home. Get in touch today to learn how we can assist you in making the best educational choices for your family in The Hague. Check out our post about the best neighborhoods to see where the schools are located and to learn more about each specific area.