Settling In Support

Moving to The Hague

Yay! The property viewing was successful and your enthusiasm for the property has been met with positive outcomes. Moving to The Hague becomes closer and closer. Our team has excellent assisted in the negotiation process, resulting in the real estate agency and property owner’s agreement. The contracts are being presented. Rest assured, our support continues through this administrative phase. Please find below an overview of the services we can assist you with.

Assistance with paperwork and agreements

Our team of experienced relocation experts in The Hague is ready to guide you through all necessary paperwork and formalities while you’re moving to The Hague. We offer comprehensive assistance with:

  • Lease Agreements Assistance: We help you understand the terms and conditions of your housing contract in The Hague, ensuring clarity and compliance.
  • Utilities Setup Support: Our team provides information and assistance in setting up essential services like electricity, water, gas, and internet.
  • Local Registrations Guidance: We guide you through the process of registering with local authorities in The Hague and obtaining necessary permits, making your transition as smooth as possible.

"At Expat Relocation The Hague, we understand that moving to The Hague extends beyond just finding the ideal house. Even after the housing search is complete, our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition for you and your family."

Personalized check-in support

We understand that moving day can be overwhelming, that’s why our agents offer personalized check-in support to ease your stress:

  • Property Walkthroughs: We ensure the property meets your expectations and address any concerns.
  • Inventory Checks: Our agents verify the condition of the property and its contents.
  • Neighborhood Introduction: We provide valuable information about local amenities, transportation options, and community resources in The Hague.
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Essential information

For expats moving to The Hague, we are able to help them quickly acclimate to their new environment by offering essential information and tips:

  • Cultural Insights: Learn about Dutch customs, etiquette, and language basics.
  • Healthcare and Emergency Services: We provide information on accessing healthcare services and emergency contacts in The Hague.
  • Transportation and Navigation: Receive tips on using public transportation and navigating around The Hague.
  • Local Recommendations: Get suggestions for shopping, dining, entertainment, and family activities in The Hague.